Reliability of product supply is vital in the healthcare industry. It is important to distributors and stockists but of vital importance to patients.  We  take  great  pride  in  our  delivery  reliability.  The  Company operates  a  robust  On  Time  In  Full  (OTIF)  planning  system,  and  we enjoy an excellent reputation in that delivery commitments once given are adhered to. We offer fast turnaround times increasing our Distributors speed to market and opportunities for commercial success.


The business requirements of our healthcare customers are constantly changing. We offer the people and resources to meet the ever-changing needs of our Distributor’s businesses, often at short notice.


We understand the needs of our markets and the importance of differentiating our products to offer unique values. We have worked on  New Product Development and Private Label Briefs and utilise project planning techniques including critical paths and Gantt Charts to ensure projects are delivered successfully on cost and on time.

Regulatory Support

Our  Regulatory Team actively assist our distributors in securing appropriate local approvals and registrations for our products. We work closely with our distribution partners to understand the local requirements and classification procedures and provide documentation and support to fulfil these needs.

In House Design and Artwork

We have dedicated design, artwork and production capabilities. This enables us to interpret individual market requirements and deliver striking yet practical designs that will stand out on shelf and meet local regulatory requirements. We are able to provide visual proofs and profiles for the purposes of regulatory approval and commercial sign off.